Our patients say the nicest things!  Thanks for making US smile!

"I have so much faith in Dr. Wilcox and his staff. I wouldn't go anywhere else!"
Nita T.

"I love the work you have done on my family...the best dentist I know in town. Seventeen years and I am not changing!"
Rachel S.

"I especially appreciate the wonderful care that you and your staff extended to Alla. She was overwhelmed, nearly to the point of tears, with the kindness and gentle care she received. I know she's in good care!"

Derral F.

"Thank you so much for my 'new' teeth! I am so pleased with how they turned out. I am grateful for your wonderful skill."
Susan S.

"Excited to be your fan -- have LOVED your dental care for almost 26 years!! (Amazing, isn't it!?)"
VelDean F.

"Thank you so much! I appreciate your kindness and good work. My teeth would never be the same without you. Keep doing what you do!"
Jesse F.

"Dr. Wilcox was very considerate and attentive to how I felt, not rushed. He was professional. I have a very close friend who had the same procedure done, on the same day by a different doctor, and when I spoke to her she could hardly talk. Yes, I referred her to Dr. Wilcox!!!"
Kimyada B.

"I must say I had a very enjoyable experience at the dentist office. (Oxymoron?) I had a cavity fixed via laser drill and did not have to be numbed and I did not feel any discomfort. Amazing! Highly recommend, if given the option, request the laser."

Jim U.

"Thank you so much for squeezing me into the schedule! I wasn't sure what I was going to do when my crown broke, and I'm so glad that you were ready and willing to put me back together again! I appreciate your help so much!"
Carson W.
On tour with "Young Ambassadors"

"I really don't think there is any way to improve on what is already the best. Just keep doing what you are doing. I always leave the office feeling better than when I came in, even with a numb mouth! Thanks so much! Greatly appreciated Dr. Wilcox stepping out to the waiting area to say hello to my husband!"
Jenny C.

"Cheryl made me feel so comfortable and relaxed while cleaning my teeth (which were in bad shape). Thank you Cheryl! I also have recommended a friend's husband to Dr. Wilcox and Cheryl."
Diana M.

"It's actually an awesome experience! Everyone is so friendly, and they all seem to know me! I never have to wait, and very accommodating when I had to reschedule. I know the dentist isn't always a pleasurable experience, but they are a great group of people!"
Stephanie C.

"I love this offiice -- always refer patients here."
Cynthia N.

"I have been seeing Dr. Ron for over 25 years, that should say enough. Best dentist anyone could want!"
Alan C.

"It is always a pleasant experience when I have an appointment at Wilcox Dental Design. The personnel are always friendly."
Pat J.

"Your entire staff is wonderful -- wouldn't change a thing!"
Carrie L.

"Cheryl did a great job! Everyone is so nice."
Melanie M.

"Dr. Wilcox and Tammy made me feel right at home."
Sherri M.

"Dr. Ron and his team are the best both in talent and patient relationship. A+ in all ways."
George M.

"Everyone was extremely friendly, kind, and patient. I felt like I had been going there for a while even though it was my first visit."
Becky M.

"As always, excellent service and great advice."
Delmar P.

"Have referred friends/family to Dr. Wilcox for past 21 years...always a pleasure...keep up the great work!"
Will R.

"Everyone was very pleasant. Dr. Wilcox is a superb dentist, and the little gal who cleaned my teeth (Amanda) was conscientious and helpful."
Anita S.

"You have an excellent team. The entire staff is great!"
Mike S.

"Amanda always does a great job! Rachel is super with filing with our insurance and checking me out. Tammy good about reminding us of our appointments. Dr. Wilcox and staff are always very good to us and make me feel special and not just another patient!"
Nancy T.

"Thank you for understanding that I'm a chicken and really dislike having dental work done -- not that I don't like the dental team. Y'all are awesome!"
Terry V.

"We love you guys, and feel extremely well taken care of!"
Brooke V.

"It is always a great experience; friendly, polite, and thorough."
Rich W.

"I have never loved the whole experience of going to the dentist, but the people at Wilcox Dental Design are so wonderful and pleasant that I enjoy going just to see them. You all do an OUTSTANDING job."
Justin B.

"Amanda is so friendly and so efficient in her work. I appreciate a job well done by both her and Doctor Wilcox."
Teresa S.

"Staff is always very friendly."
George B.

"My husband and I always request Amanda because we feel that she is friendly, professional, and does a great job cleaning!"
Shelly D.

"Carol always makes Micah feel welcomed and special. He loved her comment that he has a lot of hardware in his mouth. He had not heard that before and he thought it was great. He is so proud of his braces. Micah also loved the eye protectors that Carol used and let him take home. She made his day. Thanks Carol!"
Shelly D.

"You all are always very friendly and I love that I can get in and out really fast!"
Kelcy K.

"Everyone in the office is always cheerful and friendly. Each visit is a very pleasant experience."
Betsy G.

"Your personnel do a great job and always make me feel that I am special."
Delmar P.

"It's always great when I go to you! Very nice visit -- didn't even have to wait in the chair very long to see Dr. Wilcox after my cleaning! Thanks to all! :D"
Carla H.

"Your team has always been personable and friendly. Amanda does a great job!"
Mike S.

"The best dentist and supporting team in the Southeast for sure." George M.

"You guys are awesome! Thank you for all you do!" Sonya O.

"Amanda does an awesome job! She's very conscientious. I appreciate her." Gregg L.

"I don't hate going to the dentist. Vists are friendly, personable, non threatening -- almost like visiting family and friends." Nancy M.

"You have always been very friendly and nice. Even going the extra mile of remembering things about my personal life and family." Jana V.

"Amanda is the best hygienist! So gentle and kind." Samantha L.

"As always, Rachel greeted me warmly and Amanda did a thorough job of cleaning and giving me tips for oral care. She is always delightful!" Dot B.

"Everyone outstanding. Always accommodation. Just keep what you are doing. You are the best." Wayne M.

"Could not be more satisfied. Very friendly and professional." Nell A.

"The entire staff is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!" Jamie B.

"Great Doctor and supportive staff. Couldn't ask for more. Thanks for all you do to assist me in caring for my teeth." Anonymous

"All of your staff are more than cordial, it's a pleasure to interact with them." Keith W.

"Everyone was very friendly and helpful." Madelyn S.

"Very Very Very Friendly." Kelly W.

"Every part of my visit was good, and the hygienist is friendly." Mark Y.

"Amanda is always great and Dr. Wilcox has been my dentist for 20 years and would not go anywhere else." Daniel D.

"We love Amanda! She is awesome! She is always gentle and sweet. And Lisa is very friendly and always remembers us and details about our family. Dr. Wilcox is courteous and always tries to make us as comfortable as possible." Michael R.

"Dr. Wilcox always makes us as comfortable as possible and explains the situation to us ahead of time. Amanda does an amazing job; she is patient and gentle and has a great personality. Lisa is always very personable and friendly and tries her best to make us as comfortable and relaxed as possible. We are very happy with the staff." Jennifer R.

"Everyone was great!" Don D.

"I enjoy my office visits with your staff. I enjoy talking and visiting with each of them." Beverly D.

"The staff was excellent and I am very excited to have found this dentist and his staff. I feel they are going to take very good care of my needs." Judy G.

"I enjoy my office visits with your staff. I enjoy talking and visiting with all of them." Beverly D.

"Everyone is extremely nice!" Andrea R.

"Couldn't be better! The entire staff is attentive, upbeat, and friendly." EJ C.

"Everything went great and cannot think of anything that needs to be changed! Amanda excellent hygienist! Dr. Wilcox superb dentist! Rachel awesome on getting you checked out quickly and efficiently! Tammy always greets you smiling! Staff friendly and courteous!" Nancy T.

"The whole office is always pleasant and well coordinated." Nita T.

"Everyone was so nice, could not be happier. Amanda is awesome!" Gregory M.

"Your office staff is easy to work with. Amanda always does a good cleaning job. I have no complaints!" Frank R.

"Absolutely amazing team at Dr. Wilcox office. I actually drive over an hour to the clinic." Vicki S.

"I always appreciate the personal treatment I receive, from reception of my phone calls, to each person in the office. You know that you've got me as a patient for life -- either my life or the life of your active practice!" VelDean F.

"You are all the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Mitch T.

"The entire staff are great and I feel at ease with everyone." Brenda T.

"Tammy is always a delight to see and talk with. They hygienist (Amanda) was very nice and Tammy requested her for my next visit...Rachel is always pleasant, so is Dr. Wilcox." Miriam C.

"Staff has always been courteous, friendly and competent." Al T.

"Keep up the great work. Continue to treat my family as great customers!" Michael S.

"We recommend you to all of our friends. The entire staff is terrific. My whole family loves everyone and we are treated wonderfully. Thank you for all that y'all do!" Cathy H.

"Keep up the great work! Everyone was pleasant and friendly. Nice web site, too!" Caron N.

"You are all great!" Faith S.

"It's all GOOD." Lee H.

"Customer Service (awesome). Interpersonal Skills (excellent)." Angela B.

"From front desk to dental assistants, they are all excellent and a pleasure to see them and deal with them." Tom K.

"Cheryl was very patient and as gentle as possible with my cleaning, she knows I'm a little chicken. She also suggested an affordable way to whiten/brighten my teeth in anticipation of my daughter's wedding!" Terry V.

"The staff was very nice, made me feel at home, not a dentist office." Marcie C.

"Everyone from the time you call in to make your appointment to seeing Dr. Wilcox to checking out is very pleasurable and comforting." Ann J.

"You are all perfect!" Stacy F.

"Everyone from the time you call in to make your appointment to seeing Dr. Wilcox to checking out is very pleasurable and comforting." Ann J.

"The office staff is very friendly and welcoming. We enjoy talking with them when we come for our appointments."

"Staff is always pleasant and accommodating!" Will R.

"Everyone at Wilcox Dental Design is very pleasant and friendly as well as competent and professional." George B.

"I have been a long-time patient at this office and have a high regard for the dental services performed and fantastic staff. When you come here you are treated with the utmost care and consideration. Wonderful dentist, wonderful staff!" Lynn M.

"I really like Amanda. She is friendly without wasting time. Of course, I am happy with the work Dr. Wilcox has done for me." Lois C.

"Everyone at Wilcox Dental Design is very pleasant and friendly as well as competent and professional." George B.

"It is always a very pleasant experience to come to your office!" Shanna H.

"Everyone is great!! Thanks for everything!!" Jennifer M.

"You're the best! What more can I say?" Mark H.

"Everyone was pleasant and caring. Dr. Brown [our specialist collegue] was also very nice and helpful making the right decisions for the appropriate care needed." Philip Gardner

"Keep up the detailed information about my health. I appreciate the feedback, both positive and negative. The hygienist took time to explain my situation in detail. Thanks!" Jim W.

"I appreciate the quality care provided by Dr. Wilcox and Amanda. I also appreciate the cleanliness of the office." Anonymous

"Dentist and staff are very friendly and knowledgable." Susan T.

"Keep doing the great job you are doing, fast and friendly." Anonymous

"Everyone was so nice to me. I really enjoyed my experience, and going to the dentist is usually not an enjoyable experience for me!" Melissa F.

"Never change people or the way things are done in this office! Amanda is one of the finest people I have ever met and is the best hygienist I have been to, and I am old enough to have been to many! Love you Doc! All very fine people." Lil V.

"The atmosphere was pleasant, I had just a few minutes to rest and unwind until I was called in to my appointment, and Dr. Wilcox, Amanda and other staff were competent and warm. The office staff was friendly and attentive -- looking up to greet me as I cam in the door, and were efficient and serving as I left." Anita S.

"The Greatest!" John M.

"I appreciate the smiling, friendly faces and the patience of your staff!" Carrie L.

"Great facility and staff." Jay W.

"Great people!" Alan C.

"Amanda and office staff are wonderful." Miguel F.

"Amanda is amazing. She has a very good touch." Paul S.

"Everyone is great!" Mike C.

"Everyone in the office is a joy, and pleasure to be around. Cheryl does a fantastic job with my hygiene work, and always makes my experience a pleasant one. Dr. is always personable, and is truly interested in his patients, professional and personal. He always puts one at ease." Lyal S.

"Always have loved your office and staff. Thanks for always being there for me and my family!" Laree M.

"Enjoyed meeting everyone, very pleasant vibe for my first appointment!" Shannon M.

"You have a great staff!" Nell A.

"Excellent! I am very pleased with the practice." Judy G.

"Everyone is wonderful. Enjoy the conversations." Don D.

"I always have a pleasant experience at Wilcox Dental Design. The staff are friendly and professional, and the office atmosphere is calm and relaxed (always a plus when visiting a dentist!). You guys are great!" Jennifer F.

"You and your staff are great. Everyone is pleasant and friendly." Ulysses F.

"Amanda does a great job and I always schedule my appointments when she is available. She's very polite and courteous -- a keeper!" Lee P.

"Cheryl was very thorough and pleasant. Cheerful feeling in the whole office." Laurie S.

"Par excellance...as usual!" Steve R.

"The staff is always friendly and professional." Delores C.

"All are absolutely the best: Tammy, Amanda, Rachel. Best in the world." Jim R.

"Everyone is excellent." Wayne M.

"All the staff and Dr. Wilcox are attentive and professional." Earl C.

"The staff is great! It's evident that they all get along and like each other. Makes a huge impact on the overall atmosphere of the office. Thanks!" Anonymous

"I always have a great experience at this office. Everyone is great." Vicki S.

"Very nice and professional staff." Andrea R.

"As always, Amanda and the rest of the ladies did a fabulous job!" Dot B.

"Amanda did a great job. She was quick, friendly, and explained exactly what she was doing." Jordan J.

"Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. They made me feel as if the patients are important." Wayne J.

"Amanda is fantastic! The entire staff could not be more professional. Dr. Wilcox is first rate!" Glen F.

"Awesome staff. First class service and professional. The best dental practice in my book." Robert C.

"Lisa was considerate and caring without being intrusive. Thank you, Dr. Wilcox, for your time and understanding." Lois C.

"I love that when I walk in, they greet me right away and already know my name. I know there are lots of patients -- makes me feel special that you know my name without me telling you when I check in. :)" Terry V.

"Everyone was very friendly and willing to please." Mike J.

"Our entire family loves Amanda. We feel she is very gentle and reassuring and has been excellent with our children." Jennifer R.

"You have a great staff. They all have been kind and caring since the first day I walked in the door. That's part of the reason I stayed." Debbie M.

"I ove coming to your office. The staff and the overall experience is perfect, friendly and professional. The office is clean. The staff is lovely. And the doctor is great!" Wendy D.

"I love the whole staff! Thanks for my clean, white, shiny teeth...(and crowns)." Scott F.

"Amanda is great! All the staff rocks!" Ward C.

"Nicest folks in town!" John O.

"I am totally sold on your practice! I recommend you whenever I get an opportunity." VelDean F.

"Everyone is always pleasant and friendly." Lillian J.

"Everything was perfect. Keep doing what you're doing! Rachel, Amanda, and Tammy are great." Brian O.

"Friendly and knowledgeable staff." Christine E.

"Everyone is always nice and friendly. I really appreciate the calls, email, and text messages to remind me of my appointment. Dr. Wilcox is a wonderful and caring dentist." Melissa F.

"Great staff!" Conda A.

"Very friendly and considerate staff." Ann J.

"Excellent staff! Friendly, knowledgable and professional. Enjoyed talking with Vickie about her upcoming book[about Doc Holliday]. She's my Huckleberry!" Greg Q.

"Very friendly at the desk, Dr. Wilcox is excellent, and Amanda is sweet and efficient in cleaning my teeth. Thank you all." Anita S.

"You are the best. I can't suggest anything to improve your perfect service." Alla B.

"I can truly say that I NOW enjoy going to the dentist. Not only do I receive excellent care from caring, competent professionals, but I love that I am an individual and the staff knows me, my family, and what is going on in my life. I feel like I am just going to see friends. PS Amanda is awesome! Love her!" Justin B.

"Always friendly and definitely professional." Tom E.

"I have been coming to Dr. Wilcox for many years and always find him to be a wonderful, compassionate, professional dentist. Amanda is great, as is all the staff. They all go out of their way to make you feel welcome. I moved away from Peachtree City in August 2009 and come back once a year as I am convinced that the service and care at this office is above average in every way. To me this office feels like "home." Lynn M.

"I find your staff to be a friendly and competent group." Leo H.

"Amanda is great and I appreciate that I can have her clean my teeth on a regular basis." Shelly D.

"Outstanding job! Thanks!" Craig E.

"They were awesome!" Timothy C.

"I never could understand why Norm wanted to drive an hour to the dentist. I do now." Chris K.

"The office staff is great!" Tyler B.

"The staff is great. Continue to stay positive!" Anonymous

"You're the best!" Judy J.

"Wonderful service and friendly people." Bonnie H.

"I find your staff to be a friendly and competent group." Leo H.

"Always friendly and definitely professional." Tom E.

"Everyone was very nice!" Shannon M.

"Everyone was wonderful! Thank you for getting our girls in before school started! Great staff. Kids loved it!" Elizabeth W.

"Everyone is professional and makes me feel they are glad to see me." Sherii M.

"Everyone on the staff is friendly and pleasant all the time." Mike S.

"Everyone is always helpful and pleasant, especially Rachel and Amanda. Dr. Wilcox is OK, too!!!!)" Daniel D.

"Super job by all!" Nancy T.

"The dental hygienist has the best touch of anyone I have ever had. I love the Ultrasonic cleaning wand! To job it does is unbelievable! The quality of the work that I have had done at this office has been amazing!" Paul S.

"Everyone was courteous and professional." Phil P.

"The staff is very pleasant and professional. They are always happy and caring." Delores C.

"You always make me feel like you are my friends. I actually love going to the dentist. And, trust me, that is saying a lot!" Chris F.

"Always great...all of you!" Roger P.

"The dental hygienist assigned to me was quite informative, which gave me great comfort knowing that I was being cared for by a true professional." Hayes J.

"Make sure Amanda is always there; we love her! Everyone at your office is very professional and friendly at the same time." Michael R.

"Rachel, Tammy, and Amanda are truly an asset to the office. They are always pleasant, friendly, informative, and helpful." Earl C.

"The most comprehensive and well explained dental exam I've ever had from Dr. Wilcox. My previous providers may have done the same things but they did not tell me what they were doing or why and Dr. Wilcox did!" Allen G.

"Great staff!" Cindy S.

"As a family, we deeply appreciate the concern you have for us and the care you provide." Jayden L.

"What a warm welcome we received. Thank you." Kyle M.

"Everyone is always so friendly." Lisa C.

"Front dsk personnel were at their usual attentive best and assistant was very personable. All in all, a very good visit, thanks!" Will R.

"Everything is good -- office is so nice. Amanda is always excellent -- careful yet thorough." Becky J.

"You guys are great!" Charlie S.

"Everyone is pleasant at all times and very helpful." Richard B.

"Your office staff is fantastic." Barbara D.

"My entire family makes appointments when Amanda will be the one cleaning our teeth. We love her patience and kindness with us and our children!" Jennifer R.

"I love your whole staff! They are the best." Scott F.

"As always, Amanda did a great job and is so pleasant to be around." Dot B.

"The best there is for sure for years and years." George M.

"It is always so pleasant at your office. I feel relaxed there. Your office staff is always so friendly. Thanks for always making me feel comfortable." Beverly D.

"Rachel, Tammy, and Amanda are wonderful to work with. Great attitude and work ethic. Great staff overall." Brian O.

"Keep up the great work!" Lynda C.

"The entire staff was awesome." Rich W.

"You guys are great!" John O.

"The staff is all very helpful in understanding my health problems -- mainly visiting the restroom and sitting me 'upright' when possible. I also appreciate fitting me in your schedule when my filling fell out unexpectedly. Thank you again." Judy P.

"As always, Amanda did a great job and is so pleasant to be around!" Dot B.

"My cleaning was great -- in my past dental experiences at other dentists, the hygienists was very rough with me. Cheryl was great! In addition, Dr. Wilcox is very professional." Colin B.

"Everyone is very professional." Al H.

"I enjoy coming to the office -- every one is professional and friendly. I enjoy the relaxing atmosphere in the waiting room. I find I come a few minutes early to read a magazine. Thanks to everyone there." Dana D.

"Chery and Rachel are wonderful." Diana M.

"Staff is friendly and informative." Betty M.

"I had a very good visit. Eveything met my expectations and I have no suggestions for improvement. The office staff is very friendly and treated my like a person rather than just a patient. I especially appreciated and enjoyed Dr. Wilcox taking the time to show me and explain to me how the software and machine worked that made my corwn -- I have told all the people I work with about that. I also love the fact that I did nt have to come back for a second visit to get the 'permanent' crown -- that alone is fantastic. No one has a lot of time to take off work to go to the dentist." Reid D.

"Always helpful and friendly." Pat C.

"Everyone very friendly and accommodating. Continue the good work you are doing." Wayne M.

"The staff is always professional and personable. I feel completely at ease when I visit. Thank you for making my visits pleasant." Anonymous

"As always everyone on your staff is extremely friendly and professional." Mike C.

"Wonderful professional who cleans my teeth." Bonnie H.

"Everyone was very friendly and efficient!" Angela O.

"I'm one of those lucky ones who doesn't mind going to the dentist. You and your staff make it as enjoyable as possible. Everyone goes out of their way to make you feel that you are important, and it feels great to get a good report. Kudos to all of you!" Bonnie H.

"Amanda awesome job! Super service checkout with Rachel! Tammy very client oriented. Dr. Wilcox superb dentist. Thanks to all!" Nancy T.

"It is always pleasant. The whole staff is great." Brenda T.

"You fit me in and fixed my problems when I was in pain. You have won me over as a customer for life! My Mom, too! Thank you so much!" Bianca P.

"Everyone is always so nice and friendly and calls you by name." Jana V.

"Everybody is good for me." Mark T.

"The girl who cleaned by teeth was extremently gentle. Thanks!" Jennifer E.

"Everyone is wonderful and if a dentist office could be pleasant, this is the BEST." Judy G.

"You guys are the best." Deanna M.

"I was a nce patient and had a wonderful experience! Both the dentist and hygienist were excellent. I especially liked the clouds for the ceiling tiles!" Neil O.

"My family and I have always enjoyed our visits." Lee M.

"As always, a great experience. Thank you!" Debbie K.

"Just keep doing what you're doing. Been seeing Dr. Wilcox for over 25 years when he opened new office. Feels like family, everybody so nice." Charlie S.

"When we moved from Chicago, IL, I was heartbroken about having to leave our great family dentist behind. It is hard to find a doctor/staff who takes the time to know their patients, both personally and professionally. Your office is both clean and friendly. You all seem to really know your stuff. Thank you so much for your service." Ashley A.

"Everyone was very sweet." Velvis M.

"Tammy, Rachel, Cheryl, and Dr. Wilcox are great." Barbara D.

"Amanda takes extra special care of my sensitive teeth to make my experience almost enjoyable!" Vicki M.

"Amanda is wonderful!" Glen F.

"Because of your friendly office staff, I look forward to my dental appointment." Hayes J.

"Great work. Staff was helpful and friendly. Thanks to you all." John N.

"Everyone was very pleasant, friendly and helpful!" Sandi S.

"You guys are awesome!" Gabe C.

"Everyone there is great, knows what they're doing, and are extremely polite and courteous." Bill C.

"Dr. Wilcox is a great dentist and he has a great asset, his "Dream Team" -- Rachel, Amanda, Tammy, and Cheryl. They are professionals who are at the top of their game." Don C.

"Amanda and Rachel are the best!" Brian O.

"I love my hygienist!" MaryBeth W.

"Excellent patient care and courteous and friendly staff." Lynda P.

"I always feel that the entire staff cares about and know me and my family. I am continually so impressed with how much they remember and are so considerate to ask how everyone is doing." Justin B.

"I love you guys!" Anonymous

"As always, everyone was very courteous." Richard B.

"Amanda is delightful. She makes a stressful situation enjoyable." Clint V.

"Amanda is awesome!" Greg Q.

"Don't change anything. Amanda was great!" Rich W.

"I appreciate the good care I received from Amanda and Dr. Wilcox." Anonymous

"I was pleased with my visit. The staff was pleasant and friendly as they always are." Tahir B.

"Everything was great. Loved Cheryll!!!! Very informative and helpful." Jamie A.

"You whole staff has always been so kind and thoughtful to my family and me. I feel lucky that you are my dental provider and recommend you all the time." Michelle B.

"There is nothing you should change. Your office is very pleasant and I enjoy visiting with your staff. I always like visiting and talking with your staff. They are so friendly." Beverly D.

"Everyone is very personable, really enjoyed talking to Tammy and Cheryl." Caleb G.

"Awesome! Will miss all! Wilcox has been my dentist for 20 years." Nancy T.

"So pleased with my visit. I will be making an appointment for my husband soon and my brother even wants to come see you after how much I bragged about my excellent visit." Heather M.

"Everyone is so friendly." Sherri M.

"Everyone I came into contact with were friendly and professional. What more can you ask for?" Leo H.

"Everyone is so friendly and professional. I wouldn't trust my dental health to any other office. This office is so efficient. Wish my other doctor visits were as awesome." Sharon W.

"Very good care, excellent skills, latest equipment." Anand S.

"Great job as always." Bill M.

"I feel I am getting the best possible dental care from Dr. Wilcox and staff!" Dana D.

"Staff is the greatest. Love you guys." Wayne M.

"All considered, it was overall the best experience I've ever had at a dentist office! Felt very comfortable from the time I walked in the front door. Tammy has a tendency to make you feel right at home. Loved her personality and teamwork with Dr. Wilcox. I will definitely be back!" Agena H.

"Cherise did a great job withmy cleaning. Dr. Wilcox was very pleasant and explained what needed to be done. His first concern was always if I had any discomfort. I had none and the procedure was actually painless." Mike S.

"Your entire staff is wonderful. I was able to change my hygiene appointment at the last minute. Amanda is amazing, so I was thrilled to be able to have her take care of me." Cindy S.

"We love you guys. You're the best!" Melinda T.

"Amanda and Dr. Wilcox are wonderful and Rachel always helpful." Daniel D.

"Very pleasant staff." Neil O.

"Love Amanda and Tammy! They always remember personal details and are so friendly and competent. PS I love the book!" Susan W.

"They're all great! Thanks to Amanda for always being pleasant and doing a great job!" Lee P.

"The office and staff is outstanding. As much as one can enjoy to the dentist to have work done I do." Lynne F.

"Amanda is just great!" Lois C.

"Warmest caring staff. Beyond the imagination." Robert C.

"Simply the best in every respect. Thank you for over 25 years of excellent care!" Rich T.

"I had to cancel my appointment for personal reasons. Rachel made me an appointment for the same afternoon. Then, as things turned out, I was able to make the original appointment. So, I called and was put right back into that slot. I didn't feel well, so that was greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!" Debbie M.

"Thank you so much for welcoming us to the office. All staff did a wonderful job of making my son and I feel welcome!" Danielle L.

"Everyone was friendly and the whole atmosphere was one of 'comfortable quietness' and relaxing. Enjoyed the experience! Thank you!!" Deborah K.

"Keep up the excellent service." Anonymous

"It was probably one of the most pleasant dentist office vists I've had, and I'm pretty experienced. Very friendly and personable...great customer service from the time I entered the door until I left. Great job!" Greg K.

"Always have Amanda available. Our family loves her! She is gentle and friendly. She always remembers our preferences (flavors on teeth cleaning, etc.) and is very professional." Jennifer R.

"My family have always felt that the staff and dentist are of the highest quality." Lee M.

"Amanda is friendly and professional." Jim S.

"Always so comfortable going to you guys! Makes me almost feel like going to the dentist!" Carla H.

"You guys are great! Cheryl did an excellent job. Keep up the good work." John O.

"You guys are the best." Craig E.

"Thanks for fitting me in. Great dentist and staff!" Frankie B.

"Keep up the good work. Top notch staff." Don C.

"Entire staff from doctor down do a wonderful job. Keep up the great work." Brian O.

"Keep up the good work. Dr. Wilcox's assistant was very nice. Dr. Wilcox saw another cavity with the laser detector and filled it in addition to the planned cavity." B. Smith

"Everyone is this office is friendly, kind, and completely professional." Barbara S.

"Y'all are great!" Al H.

"Fantastic staff! It's rare to visit a medical office to find happy, low-drama, friendly staff working together. Thank you." Anonymous

"Amanda is excellent." Dave K.

"Everyone in your office was very nice. You all exceeded my expectations. Very nice staff and office. Dr. Wilcox was wonderful and my experience was great." Judy Y.

"Even though Dr. Wilcox is not in our network, we will continue to use your office. Tom and I find the service and staff to be exceptional. Thanks for keeping such good care of our teeth!" Bonnie H.

"Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful." Claire M.

"As always, everyone is friendly and professional." Mike C.

"It is always a pleasure to see Amanda. She is very pleasant and does a great job." Richard B.

"Doc and the staff is great, 'nuff said." Lee H.

"The staff is always pleasant and very accommodating." Carmenlita S.

"Very friendly and soothing." Judy P.

"The staff are very friendly and I always feel comfortable." Francey M.

"Great thanks see you in 6 months." Pat C.

"Everyone was smiling and making me feel welcome and expressing thanks to me for choosing to come there with my unhappy issue. Thanks all." Bob J.

"Everyone was very professional." Leo H.

"My teeth cleaning was very quick and professional." Randall R.

"Everyone was very professional." Leo H.

"Amanda is always wonderful!" Leslie L.

"Special kudos to Amanda and Tammy for their kindness and sunny dispositions! Dr. Wilcox is a wonderfully caring, dedicated, and talented doctor!" Michelle R.

"Everyone is always so friendly....like a family when I am there." Pam A.

"My visit was great. I arrived late and the staff was wonderful. The got me right in and took care of me. It was a great experience." Jamie A.

"Make sure Dr. Wilcox remains my buddy and my pal by not finding anything (I know, he says: 'I only find what is there...'). Amanda is always wonderful!" Leslie L.

"Special kudos to Amanda and Tammy for their kindness and sunny dispositions! Dr. Wilcox is a wonderfully caring, dedicated, and talented doctor!" Michelle R.

"Cheryl was wonderful, easy to communicate with and I enjoyed my first visit. I will be back to have her take care of me. Thank you." Judy E.

"I had a great experience! Everyone was very friendly. I felt welcomes the moment I stepped into the office." Kim H.

"Hygienist was very thorough and did a great job! Glad that sealant problems were identified too." Alyssa A.

"Loved our hygienist -- through and informative. I love to be educated and learn how to take care of my teeth." Audra A.

"It was great! Everyone is so pleasant and cheerful -- even with allergy symptoms! Thank you!" Cindy S.

"As usual, you all were fantastic!" Mike S.

"Dr. Wilcox is always pleasant and accommodating." Michael V.

"It takes a lot for me to like my dentist office. I had a great experience!" Katie M.

"I believe you have the best selection of waiting room reading materials I have ever seen. I really appreciate it. My hygienist (Cheryl) was really great. She did a fantastic job as well as explaining to me what I need to do to have better teeth. She was great." Paul S.

"Amanda and Rachel are excellent. Don't forget Dr. Wilcox!" Jim S.

"Pleasant experience." Barry D.

"Amanda is always gentle, thorough, and pleasant. Dr. Wilcox really took time explaining an upcoming procedure I require. I appreciate knowing what to expect." Lois C.

"Everyone was courteous." Anonymous

"Keep doing the excellent job that you are doing. All staff are outstanding." Wayne M.

"As usual your staff was efficient and courteous. The level of care I experience at your office is among the best I have experienced in my entire life. Thank you for you consideration." Lynne F.

"I love the staff at your office. They are sweet, kind, caring, warm and friendly people." Debbie M.

"Kudos to a top drawer team!" Kevin L.

"Staff is always courteous, accommodating, and friendly. Thanks for a great visit!" Will R.

"Everyone makes one feel welcome and comfortable. They always demonstrate professional expertise." Kathy Q.

"A pleasure as always! Love coming there -- everyone is so friendly and efficient." Carla H.

"They are all so friendly." Diane M.

"Stay great." Anonymous

"Everyone is so nice and does a great job!" Jennifer M.

"Everyone was very pleasant and helpful. The expertise with all of the up-to-date equipment was extraordinary and allowed for a calming experience. My visit was enlightening and most pleasant. Thanks!" John S.

"I've never had a bad experience in your office. Love Amanda. She has a very gentle touch, and is always so sweet." Anonymous

"Everyone is always very friendly and attentive." Constance S.

"Keep up the good work. Cheryl was great as usual for which I am thankful. Dr. Wilcox is not only a great doctor but a very smart business person because he surrounds himself with a team that is the best of the best." Don C.

"Thank you all for being so accommodating to bringing Jayden with me! Theresa did a great job filling in for Amanda." Jamie B.

"Very thorough with the cleaning. Very pleasant." Anonymous

"Amanda was great, as usual. Knowledgeable and professional!" Greg Q.

"Entire staff is always efficient, well organized, and friendly. I'm generally apprehensive in dental offices and everyone I come in contact with has a calming demeanor that puts me at ease." Megan D.

"You guys are awesome. Warm and just compassionate." Robert C.

"Everyone is very professional and personable." Mike C.

"Very professional." Al H.

"Friendly staff -- lovely, clean office." Jennifer F.

"Excellent customer service. Great cleaning with Cheryl."

"Everyone was super friendly and provided exceptional service!" Tiffany W.

"My visits are always good. Everyone is friendly and nice." Claire M.

"It's always perfect. Staff always helpful and nice." Nita T.

"Everyone there is so nice. It's a pleasure to go to my appointment." Sharon W.

"I found patient form was translated in Japanese. It was REALLY helpful. Doctor Wilcox spoke in Japanese and it made my son relaxed and happy." Hikaru A.

"Impossible to improve on perfection! Fantastic staff! Everyone is professional and fun! What a great place! The location and facility is extremely clean, quiet location, and great atmosphere! Thank you! Sheila O.

"Cheryl was wonderful. Everyone was very nice." Barbara D.

"Always pleasant and professional." Greg K.

"Always good. Amanda & Dr. Wilcox always great." Daniel D.

"They are great." Travis H.

"Office and staff are always polite, professional and accommodating." Michael V.

"We come from Houston to see you!" Savannah H.

"The staff is always professional yet welcoming. I never feel like 'just a patient.'" Deborah M.

"Everyone was wonderful!" Martha A.

"Amanda is always thoughtful, friendly, and professional." Kathleen Q.

"Always a great experience! Dr. Wilcox, Amanda, Tammy, and Rachel are as genuine and professional as they come." Glen F.

"Y'all are great! Great ladies!" Sherry W.

"I honestly cannot think of anything that would improve the visit and the welcome I receive. Could not be more pleasant! I have been seeing Amanda for Dental Hygiene for years and she is the best, she is professional, competent, and charming! I love this office and the staff, and even though I have moved out of state, whenever it is possible I continue to see Dr. Wilcox as my dentist. He is top notch as is his entire staff! Lynn M.

"I have been coming to Dr. Wilcox for more than 10 years. I have always been very pleased with my complete experience. All of the staff are always very nice and professional." Mark G.

"Great staff! Very friendly! :)" Lindsay Q.

"Keep up the good work." Anonymous

"The entire staff is professional and courteous. I need to send you all more business. Thanks!" Phil P.

"The entire office team is the best!!!!!!!" Jamie B.

"I always have a positive experience!" Bonnie H.

"This was the most pleasant dental experience I've ever had! The staff and doctor were so friendly and very timely! I would recommend this office to all my friends and family. Thank you so much!" Debra S.

"My family has been seeing Dr. Ron and his staff for our dental needs since 1987! Love these guys!" Jackie U.

"Love, love, love all the ladies in your office and of course the doctor!" Dot B.

"Rachel and Amanda always friendly." Richard B.

"Everyone is so caring and friendly -- and I LOVE my new front crown -- thanks to Dr. Wilcox and Paula, and of course the staff helping to 'put it all together'". Judy P.

"Rachel and Tammy are always eager to welcome me into the office. I look forward to seeing them! Amanda is outstanding, she genuinely cares about my oral health and makes my appointments enjoyable. Dr. Wilcox makes a point to come out and say Hello and let me know that he appreciates our family business. Always a great experience all the way around!" Earl C.

"From the front desk to the doctor, everyone we came in contact with was pleasant and helpful. Going to the dentist has never been one of my favorite activities. In fact, I rank it right up there with going to the gynecologist (sorry, Dr. Wilcox!). Our visit to your office was not stressful at all and Cheryl was wonderful with both of us. That was very important for my husband since he has dementia. Y'all are great!" Pamilah B.

"Rockstars of dentistry! I always enjoy going to the dentist thanks to y'all." Claire M.

"My hygienist Cheryl was, as always, kind and gentle!" Jay C.

"Always a nice experience. Appreciate you all!" Amy A.

"Very impressed and glad Joan referred me to you all!" Jenn D.

"Cheryl is always kind, thoughtful and thorough. I love to have my semi-annual cleanings with her!" Barbara S.

"Keep up the great work!" Timothy C.

"Collectively you and your staff do an excellent job. Well done!" Leo H.

"Always enjoying coming to this office. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable." Sherri M.

"Love my hygienist! So happy you have gone digital." Audra A.

"Everyone is friendly and helpful to make it a very pleasant visit! Thank you!" Theresa B.

"You guys are simply amazing. Words cannot express the level or service I receive before, during, then after. Love you guys." Robert C.

"Very friendly staff." Anand S.

"All staff always first class." Daniel D.

"Everyone was so great, I wouldn't want to go anywhere else. I really don't dread dental work at this office. How many dentists and staff go out to your car to meet your dogs? Well, they did. We love everyone there and will continue to tell everyone we know about the great experience at Dr. Wilcox's office!" Deborah C.

"Super friendly staff, always feel welcome and that I am a valued client." Patrick C.

"I love your entire staff! Everyone is so kind and genuine." Amber D.

"Dr. Wilcox runs a very efficient office. The entire staff is accommodating and makes one feel 'at home.'" Deborah K.

"Everyone was very friendly, as always. Thank you!" Brent A.

"Great team!!" Sherry W.

"I have been coming to Dr. Wilcox for 29 years! I would not wan to go anywhere else. His staff is always friendly and supportive, too!" Kathleen Q.

"Office staff very friendly and helpful from the start to the finish." Ann J.

"The best dentist office I've ever visited. The entire team is top notch starting with Dr. Wilcox. " Greg K.

"Visit exceeded my expectations. Office manager was able to fit me in for an emergency visit." Michael V.

"Thank you as always for the wonderful care and environment." Debbie K.

"The staff is SUPERGREAT!" Al H.

"Always a pleasure." Mary B.

"Keep doing what you are doing. You have assembled the best dental staff I have ever worked with. Cheryl & Dee are amazing. I didn't think anyone could replace Amanda, but in her absence Jennifer did an excellent job. But not least, Tammy and Rachel are by far the greatest front office staff of any dental office in Peachtree City. I could go on for days about how incredible they communication and care skills are. Thanks for everything you do and keep your team together. They are all great!" Brian O.

"Dr. Wilcox and all of the staff are awesome! Always friendly and professional." Mark G.

"Keep up the good work! The staff is always very pleasant and friendly. It seems to be a great office environment where co-workers are helpful and nice to one another." Anonymous

"Just keep doing what you do!" Charlie S.

"No one likes bad news. It was encouraging to hear exactly what was going on, so we could trust the procedures that will take place in the future." Anonymous

"A visit to your office is always stress-free and pleasant!" Patricia J.

"Teeth feel clean again. Thank you!" Robert S.

"Always friendly and helpful with scheduling my appointments around my random calendar." George T.

"Everyone on the staff is courteous. They treat you in a professional manner and all seem to be very happy people in a great work environment." Thomas R.

"Everyone there is the greatest. Thank you so much for 26 years of the best dental care!" Richard T.

"Everyone was great. Just a very pleasant experience." Judith Y.

"Everyone is so pleasant and helpful." Judy P.

"Always great and friendly! Thank you." John M.

"The staff is awesome! I love the whole place." Debra S.

"Amanda!" Clint V.

"I had a very pleasant experience. Friendly and courteous and knowledgeable about dental problems and issues. After having my teeth cleaned after 4 years. I felt better and less anxious about problems related to aging." Roger W.

"Great group of people." Dennis S.

"Great staff!" Marian D.

"Loved chatting with Miss Vickie. Will look forward to my next visit!" Raewyn G.

"The dental hygienist was OUTSTANDING!!! She explained every thing she was doing and made sure I was okay." Julie B.

"Everybody was friendly and very efficient." Yvonne A.

"Everyone is always friendly and professional!" Mike C.

"Very courteous, friendly & efficient." Carolyn G.

"I don't think I could have a better dentist or hygienist. Good job, guys." John O.

"Everyone always first class." Daniel D.

"Everyone was quite professional and friendly. Enough said!" Leo H.

"Keep doing what you're doing. Dental hygienist was awesome. Talented and communicated very well. Gave me the sense that she really cared about me!" Anonymous

"Amanda is amazing as usual! Great visit, thanks!" William R.

"Everyone was great." William M.

"The best!" Deborah M.

"Amanda did a great job with Sarah -- thank you. Rachel was very helpful in following up on our previous dental xrays from Pediatric Dentistry for Children. We are thrilled that our whole family can attend Dr. Wilcox's office." Sarah G.

"Amanda was so patient with Lily. Rachel very helpful with insurance stuff." Lily G.

"Keep doing what you're doing. Very impressed. This was my first appointment and I was very pleased with my decision to use your dentist office. The staff was so friendly and explained everything that happened during the appointment. Dr. Wilcox even took time to ask what my hobbies were." Matthew C.

"Best dental office ever!!" Kathleen Q.

"Great staff." Gayle L.

"Best dental office ever!" Kathleen Q.

"Keep doing what you're doing! Very impressed. This was my first appointment and I was very pleased with my decision to use your dentist office. The staff was so friendly and explained everything that happened during the appointment. Dr. Wilcox even took time to ask what my hobbies were." Matthew C.

"Amanda did a great job. Rachel was very helpful in following up on our previous dental xrays from our former dentist. We are thrilled that our whole family can attend Dr. Wilcox's office." Raewyn G.

"The best!" Deborah M.

"Keep what you are doing. Awesome staff. Everybody perfect!" Brian O.

"Would be tough to improve. May be the best medical staff regarding patient interface I have even encountered in worldwide travels." Dan L.

"Amanda always does an excellent job. She is very thorough and professional." Constance S.

"So blessed to have Dr. Wilcox and his staff providing with wonderful care." Don C.

"Front office always very pleasant and friendly." James S.

"Great staff! Everyone was so welcoming!" Mary E.

"Everyone was great." Barbara D.

"Everyone is always so helpful." Anonymous

"All of the staff are excellent and very customer focused. Dr. Wilcox does a great job!" Tim L.

"As always, the whole team was great!" Jay C.

"The staff is outstanding." Deanna M.

"Love everyone there!!" Deborah C.

"Love the hygienist staff, always a great job!" Audra A.

"As always, everyone does a great job." Phillip P.

"Bestest office." Ronald W.

"Everyone is courteous and responsive." William M.

"The staff is always friendly and does a fantastic job! Thank you! See you in six months!" Debbie K.

"Everyone treated me well. Dental hygienist explained things well, listened to what concerns I had, and gave good recommendations for improving my general health. Same goes for Dr. Wilcox." Roger W.

"Everybody is friendly and polite." Mike C.

"They are all friendly, make eye contact, and listen to you and answer questions. If they don't know the answer they find someone who does. Dr. Wilcox is great and his attitude and demeanor are passed down to his staff." Gerald S.

"Great staff! Everyone was so welcoming!" Mary E.

"Love all of them. Very friendly and professional." Sheila N.

"Everyone very pleasant and friendly." Richard B.

"Everyone is friendly and nice." Adam C.

"Everyone was awesome. Welcoming/friendly/nice! I will definitely be coming back and will definitely be recommending Dr. Wilcox. Thanks!" Brett B.

"Amanda always keeps my problem areas in mind -- sensitive teeth, vertigo -- and is gentle." Dianne D.

"You all are super kind and caring!" Judy P.

"You guys are amazing, do not change a thing!" Anonymous

"Do not change anything. You folks make coming to the dentist an enjoyable experience. Staff is 5 star. Very helpful and always service with a smile. Get some short golf tees." Wayne M.

"Staff was courteous, friendly, professional." Edward T.

"Everything was great! As always...very friendly!" Tom E.

"Dr. Wilcox and his staff are the best!" Pam A.

"You guys are great!!! That's why my whole family goes there. :)" Deanna O.

"Wonderful staff, a peasure to go to." Debra S.

"The staff is excellent! Very friendly and helpful . Especially the dental assistant (Dee), she was great!" Theresa B.

"You have the best -- kind, friendly caring! Because of dental insurance, my daughter has to find a new dental practice. She isn't happy about that. My whole family likes and respects all of you." Anonymous

"Remain as pleasant as always." Thomas B.

"Always nice to come visit." John M

"The staff is always pleasant and nice. Thanks to Rachel and Tammy for great service and always calling me with reminders and updates." Caleb G.

"Best staff ever!" Susan S.

"My dental hygienist [Amanda] is FANTASTIC -- excellent work, keeps me calm and really nice. All the other staff I've interacted with as well has been wonderful, competent, and all make me feel welcome and calm during whatever procedure I am having done" Anne M.

"All was excellent. Amazing staff. Very kind and compassionate. Felt welcome and at home." Anonymous

"Keep doing what you're doing. Your staff is an 11 on a scale or 1-10." Brian O.

""Keep up the gold standard. Amanda is extremely thorough and very pleasant. She is definitely a positive asset to the group." Anonymous

"In addition to the care I'm receiving, the friendly and courteous attitude of everyone on the staff us another reason I'm very satisfied." Anonymous

"Best professional staff ever." Thomas R.

"I love everyone there!" Anonymous

"Excellent care. Thank you!" Anonymous

"I thought your entire staff were very knowledgeable and acted in a professional, friendly manner." Audley S.

"Everyone made me feel not only welcome but also that I was a valued client. Kindness goes a long way, and it showed in each person I spoke with. Thanks!" Sarah S.

"Great and caring staff." Anonymous

"Gave me a blanket. That was nice." Kristin B.

"As always it's a pleasant experience coming to your office. Everyone is great!" Mike C.

"Amanda is such a sweet person and awesome hygienist! My teeth sparkle when she is finished with them!" Lillian C.

"Great staff with excellent customer service." Carolyn G.

"Thank you for the fast turn time!!!!!" Richard W.

"Everyone seems genuinely happy to be there!!! Polite and knowledgeable!!!" JoAnn G.

"Everyone there is always so pleasant and helpful. Cheryl is professional and thorough, and such a sweet person." Martha A.

"Absolutely love the whole staff. I would point out specific people, but every visit has been consistently pleasant on all fronts. Procedures are explained well; conversation is easy, delightful, and appropriately timed; and comfort is a priority!" Anonymous

"Friendly staff and very accommodating for appointment and timely." Catherine P.

"Amanda always keep my teeth sensitivity in mind while cleaning." Dianne D.

"Everyone was polite, courteous and professional. Well-managed dental clinic." Roger W.

"My experience was great! Your staff was very professional, helpful, and informative. Keep up the great work. A caring staff!" Robert K.

"Always friendly!" Sherri M.

"I enjoyed the entire staff and thought that they were very thorough. This was my first visit and I am so glad I came to Dr. Wilcox's office." Jamie C.

"It's always pleasant. Amanda is my Dental Hygienist and she is outstanding! She is also a Hu-Friedy Golden Scaler Award winner." Glen F.

"The staff is awesome!" Anonymous

"Compliments go out to both the office and staff! Everyone is so pleasant and knowledgeable. Thank you!" Sarah S.

"The dentists and staff are excellent. The office is modern, clean, and organized. The dental work is top notch." Aaron A.

"All professional." Howard C.

"Amanda does good work." Frank R.

"I love everyone there. Very professional." Wayne M.

"The entire staff is pleasant, professional, and competent. I genuinely like them all." Thomas R.

"Everyone was great. The thing that impressed me the most was that you were running late and you gave me a call to let me know. You caught me just before I left. Gave me a chance to do more around the house. Thank you, thank you, thank you." Anonymous

"Everyone was super friendly. I felt like we were friends. Extremely warm and kind." Barbara O.

"I like the radio station they play. Nothing finer than the old rock 'n roll classics. My hygienists is one of the best in the business. After a great cleaning, my mouth feels unbelievably great." Paul S.

"Everyone on staff is always pleasant, courteous, and professional." Mike C.

"I had a great experience, and look forward to coming back!" Anonymous

"Everyone on staff is always pleasant, courteous, and professional." Mike C.

"Very friendly staff!" Sabrina W.

"Stay how you already are. Always a wonderful experience." Matthew W.

"Thank you Cheryl, Rachel, & Tammy for the smiles and support during my most recent visit! Dr. Wilcox, you give everyone a beautiful smile!" Tanya J.

"Stay how you already are. Always a wonderful experience." Matthew W.

"Thank you Cheryl, Rachel, and Tammy for the smiles and support during my most recent visit! Dr. Wilcox, you give everyone a beautiful smile :0) !" Tanya J.

"Amanda was pleasant and friendly as usual." Richard B.

"The best ever!!!!!" Wallace S.

"Everything went great. I was very well taken care of. Thanks." Pat C.

"Very friendly office!" Theresa B.

"Everyone was very nice." Faye M.

"As always, the staff and doctor at Wilcox Dental are great!" Yvonne A.

"Cheryl does an excellent job without wasted time and keeps her patient/client informed at every step." John O.

"Amanda is always gentle with my cleanings along with being very friendly and professional." Matthew M.

"Environment of total facility is pleasant! All the staff members are very knowledgeable and personal! Thank you for your service for myself and especially for Jay!" Betty B.

"Great staff, so helpful and understanding working with my busy schedule." Anonymous

"Professional, pleasant, friendly." Mike C.

"Keep up the good work!" Debra S.

"Good service and attitude toward clientele." Roger W.

"Everyone is so pleasant, even on the phone." Barbara W.

"Everyone was very professional and friendly, thanks." Anonymous

"Everyone is so friendly!" Anonymous

"Great staff, very personable and courteous." Anonymous

"The office is comfortable, inviting. Staff friendly. They do such a thorough job and check things about my oral health that no other dentist has before-that I know of! Dr. Wilcox pauses to ask for any questions, concerns. His exam doesn't seem rushed at all. He seems genuinely interested in my well being!" Maranda M.

"Dental work is never pleasant but I know I am in good hands and will be taken care of." Paige L.

"Each staff member with whom I interacted was excellent." VelDean F.

"I love my dental hygienist, the staff that has worked with Dr. Wilcox on my teeth in the past, office staff, and the professionalism of everyone there. It truly is a pleasant experience each time I come--which says a lot!! Thanks! Anne M.

"Rachel and Amanda are the greatest!" Glen F.

"Cheryl is so professional and thorough and Dr. Wilcox is as well." Jamie C.

"Keep doing what you're doing. Entire staff is awesome. Love them all." Brian O.

"The staff is always friendly, courteous, and they all seem so happy! A great environment!" Thomas R.

"Amanda always does an excellent job. She is very thorough, professional and congenial." Anonymous

"The staff is so pleasant. They connect with you personally. Awesome!!" Anonymous

"Everyone is always so helpful and friendly." Martha A.

"They never seem rushed. Everyone has a pleasant attitude." Lynne K.

"Excellent all around!" Travis H.

"As always, your good care is greatly appreciated. Thank you." Anonymous

"Cheryl not only cleaned my teeth thoroughly, but was congenial and professional as well." Kim M.

"As always, everyone is professional, courteous and friendly." Mike C.

"I love everyone at the office." Laurie S.

"Fantastic office, and always a pleasure to go to! I think you do everything now to make patients comfortable!" Bonnie H.

"Everyone as usual was very polite and efficient." Richard B.

"Ronald has the best staff that anyone could ask for. Friendly, kind, helpful, pretty and fun to be around. His assistant is the most knowledgeable lady that I have met in dentistry. They all make it fun to go to the dentist if you can believe that!! Thanks. Wally S.

"Compliments? I could name individuals however the end result is that I would be addressing the entire staff so there you go!" Michael A.

"All your staff were wonderful!" David H.

"So friendly." Nina D.

"Great Team!!" Tasha H.

"Amanda is great." Richard W.

"Keep up the good work that you have given me all of these years. I love all of your staff they are very pleasant friendly and helpful." Karen L.

"Amanda is a super hygienist. She's precise and gentle. Outstanding. Rachel was very accommodating and helpful. Makes you feel welcome and important." Mike S.

"All your staff were wonderful!" David H.

"Thank you for the great care and assistance in selecting an electric toothbrush." Anonymous

"It took a while until my two-year-old finally opened his mouth. It went okay after he found out that the tooth paste was yummy. Thank you very much for your patience. And my older one is always impressed by Dr. Wilcox's Japanese,. Thank you for making out office visit fun!" Hikaru A.

"So friendly." Nina D.

"Amanda is great." Richard W.

"The staff is always friendly and helpful." Lisa B.

"You are all great, thanks for fitting me in and taking care of my emergency. I look forward to having you as my dentist going forward." John K.

"Enjoyed visiting with my hygienist and Dr. Wilcox! You all are so friendly." Maranda M.

"Everyone is very pleasant and professional. Good job. First class, couldn't be more pleased." Jim R.

"Tammy is absolutely the best!! She always listens, and goes out of her way to make the experience there an amazing one! Very impressive!" Wendy M.

"You are all great." Anonymous

"Thank you very much!" Emi K.

"It was a great experience. Tammy is always so warm, friendly and most helpful to put me at ease." Tammy A.

"Love and appreciate what each of you do! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!" Betty B.

"My wife and I love everyone in the office." Harold E.

"Everyone in your office is very pleasant and easy to work with." Anonymous

"Keep it up! Thanks to the entire team!" Jarrett H.

"Cheryl is the best! My teeth always feel so clean when she gets finished. Thank you to all for making going to the dentist enjoyable." Debra S.

"You are wonderful and I appreciate you!" Clarice H.

"Everyone was very nice and courteous. Appreciate all the smiling faces!" Anonymous

"All of you are amazing!" Claire M.

"Everyone is super efficient and friendly!" Shirley R.

"You guys are great! I LOVE my dental hygienist!!!! Of course, I love the rest of the staff and Dr. Wilcox, as well!" Anne M.

"Keep doing what you're doing! Amanda is the best hygienist on the planet. Great attitude. Front office staff is amazing, too.The entire staff makes you feel like family. Best compliment I can give." Brian O.

"Love front desk people. Tammy rocks the house--Rachel too! Please book me with the sweet hygienist to the right when you walk through the doors." John A.

"Warm blanket, a movie and some hot coco?" John R.

"My visits are always pleasant. Your staff members are very professional and friendly." Patricia J.

"You are all the best. Friendly and professional. You make a dental visit enjoyable!" Elizabeth I.

"Everything was great!" Albert G.

"For someone with an irrational fear of the dentist, my visit was very pleasant and almost enjoyable. Very nicely done!" Anonymous

"Office staff are always friendly and provide excellent service. Been seeing Dr. Wilcox for more than 15 years and could not be more pleased." Mark G.

"Thanks so much!" Eric W.

"Everyone was great and they fit me in when I didn't have an appointment! It was wonderful. Thank you!" Anonymous

"Amazing as always!! Thank you for providing such quality care consistently!" Ashley C.

"I love your professionalism and your staff is great!!!! Thank you." Lourdes V.

"It's like going to Chick Fil-a, everyone makes you feel comfortabl and you appreciate us choosing you." Gerald S.

"Above and beyond the call. Thanks for all you do to the entire staff." Jim R.

"Everyone is always so friendly and reassuring!" JoAnne G.

"Really enjoy the engagement by Tammy when I arrive. She is always kind and conversational and it makes you feel special." Michael A.

"All the staff is kind and courteous." Ryan B.

"Everyone at your office is friendly. They always greet me with a smile and ask how things have been going." Pam A.

"Highly professional and friendly." Efrain V.

"Thank you for being willing to explain what you were doing as you went along. It did a lot to alleviate my anxiety and gave me an excellent experience." Elizabeth S.

"Your staff is awesome. Very friendly and professional." Marie L.

"Thanks for being so great." Claire M.

"Awesome staff! Thank you all!!" Jarrett H.

"Everything great. Everyone is pleasant and knowledgeable." Anonymous

"My hygienist gave me a blanket to keep warm during my cleaning because she saw I was cold. It was so nice!" Anonymous

"Amanda and staff are outstanding." Steve R.

"The staff is always kind, friendly and professional both on the phone or in person." Joan V.

"Amanda is an amazing hygienist--she is careful and thoughtful." Sandra S.

"All of the staff at Wilcox Dental is professional, kind, friendly and knowledgeable. I always appreciate them when I have appointments." Anonymous

"The entire staff is just great! Thank you for what you do!" Thomas R.

"The staff as usual, was very cheerful and positive." Anonymous

"Friendly as always. Always a pleasure to get to see all of you." Anonymous

"Everyone is very accommodating for my whole family. The staff is excellent and very caring. Tammy is very good about making sure we get our appointments. Cheryl does an excellent job and gives very good advice on keeping your smile healthy." Amy H.

"I love all the staff. The best ever." Wayne M.