What is 6-Month Smiles?

Are you concerned about the appearance of your smile, but delay orthodontic treatment because you do not want to deal with metal braces or uncomfortable brackets? The new 6-Month Smiles system is the latest technology in adult cosmetic orthodontic treatment and may be the perfect solution. The 6-Month Smiles system can straighten patients’ teeth using clear brackets and wires, or invisible aligners in around 6 months.

The 6-Month Smiles system uses precise control over the movement of teeth allowing for quick progress and shorter orthodontic treatment times. Not only is 6-Month Smiles quicker, but the product itself also offers clear brackets and wires, as well as clear aligners that blend in with your natural teeth. 6-Month Smiles can give you the smile you have always wanted and restore your confidence.

How does the 6-Month Smiles orthodontic system work?

The 6-Month Smiles system provides consistent force to move and align teeth into place and can treat a wide variety of cases. This treatment uses memory wires along with clear brackets that are specifically engineered to provide quick results. Most patients can complete their treatment in 6 months, and the cost for treatment is typically lower compared to other orthodontic systems. The 6-Month Smiles system is invisible when seen on your teeth, making this the perfect treatment for patients that prefer to be discreet.

What are the benefits of 6-Month Smiles?

6-Month Smiles has many benefits and is a great alternative to traditional metal brackets and wires. This system is perfect for both children or adults who are looking to correct their smiles.

  • Treatment can be completed in most cases in 6 months.
  • The brackets and wires are clear providing a discreet treatment compared to traditional metal braces.
  • 6-Month Smiles uses memory wires that can move teeth into place faster compared to other orthodontic options.
  • Installation of the system is quick and pain-free.
  • Patients will have better oral hygiene with straight teeth.

How does the 6-Month Smiles process work?

The 6-Month Smiles process begins with our consultation meeting. This meeting gives our doctor the option to take x-rays, and determine if the 6-Month Smiles system is right for you. Once you move forward with the 6-Month Smiles system we will take custom molds of your teeth, and have you return to our office to apply your braces.

Once you begin treatment, we will require appointments each month for adjustments, and to allow our team to monitor your progress. Typically, treatment can average between 4 to 9 months, but many patients complete their treatment within 6 months. Once your treatment is complete, our staff will discuss retention options to ensure your beautiful smile is maintained.

Ready to find out more about the 6-Month Smiles orthodontic system?

If you are ready to achieve the smile of your dreams, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with us. Let our team help you take that first step towards a beautifully straight smile that will last a lifetime.

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